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Stockholm Intentional water institute Reports

water Treatment Facilities for Domestic use and Artificial Recharge with Surface water

Dirty water: Estimated Deaths from water- Related Diseases 2000 -2020

Integrated water Resources Management River Basin organizations

Technical and financial feasibility studies of the National water information systems i 12 Mediterranean Countries

Executive Action Team (EXACT) Multilateral Working Group on Water Resources

Water for the poor Act

Arab Environment future challenges 2008

Non- Conventional water resources study in the Mediterranean 2008

Charting our water future 2008 - 2030

Climate change and water 2009

Technical Report on Ground water Management in the Mediterranean and the water framework Directive 2007


Outline of proposed final Reports for the 2009 - 10 Horizontal water programme

Improving the information Base to better Guide water resource Management decision making

Linking Climate change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management for sustainable poverty Reduction

Environment and Security issues in The southern Mediterranean Region

Future water : Preliminary Data compilation for the Nile Basin Decision Support System

Water monitoring Report 10-11-2010

Hydrological Basins in Syrian

State of Environment in the Arab Region A progress

The Nile Basin and the Southern Sudan Referendum

Global Energy and water Cycle Experiment

Global citizenship

Protecting the Deep Sea Under international Law

An NGO Guide to Persistent Organic Pollutants

Water in an urbanizing World

The role of regional and local authorities in promoting a sustainable water policy May 2011

Pricing water and Sanitation Services Dale Whittington Report 2006

The Global water partnerships Vision is for a water Secure world 2010

An initial Analysis of water Discourse in Four /decades of UN Declarations Rio-20, 2011

Horizon 2020: Mediterranean hot spot investment programme, Report 2011

Horizon 2020: Mediterranean hot investment programme, Report 2009

Water Climate change in the MENA - Region, April 2011

Managing water under Uncertainty and Risk 2012

Facing the challenges 2012

Water Reuse in the Arab World 2011

European waters- assessment of status and pressures

Coping with water Scarcity An action Framework for Agricultures and Food Security

Water Resources Management

Urban wastewater and Agricultural Reuse Challenges in India

Water Supply and Sanitation 2011

Natural Solutions for water Security 2013

A New Global partnership: Eradicate poverty and transform Economies Through Sustainable Development

Back ground Report: Climate change adaption and water Governance

Summary for decision - makers:  Climate change adaption and water Governance

Mutual Rights and Shared Responsibilities in water Services Management

Water partnership program: Strategic Action plan 2012 - 2016

Glacier Systems and Seasonal snow cover in six major Asian River Basins: Hydrological Role under Changing Climate

Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking water

The post 215 water Thematic Consultation

The 2012 sanitation and water for all high level meeting commitments

Sharing smart solution in water

Coping with water Scarcity an action Framework for agriculture and Food Security

Water quality

Fresh water for the Future

Attitudes of Europeans towards water - Related issues

Sanitation and Drinking - water 2013

Rapid Assessment of Drinking - water quality in the Federal Democrat Republic Ethiopia

Rapid Assessment of Drinking - water quality in the Republic of Nicaragua

Rapid Assessment of Drinking - water quality in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Rapid Assessment of Drinking - water quality in the Republic of Tajikistan

Trends in public Expenditure on water and sanitation in Sub - Saharan Africa

Progress on Sanitation and Drinking water

How cutting pollution can slow worming and save Lives?

Challenges for the post 2015 Thematic Consultations on water

Integrated Urban water management lessons and Recommendations from Regional Experiences in Latin America, Central Asia and Africa

Water industry segment

Tool for Adaptation to Climate change

Evaluating the flow Regulating Functions of Natural Ecosystems in the Zabezi River Basin

Managed Aquifer Recharge: The solution for water Shortages in the fergana Valley

 Changing Global Environment 2012

Turn Down the Heat 4 C: Why a 4 C Warmer world mast be Avoided

How cutting pollution can slow warming and save Live?

World water week in Stockholm 2013: water cooperation Building partnerships

Implication of future water supply Sources for Energy Demands

irrigation in central Asia in Figure 2012

A Post-2015 Global Goal for Water: Synthesis of key findings and recommendations from UN - Water

National stakeholder consultations on water: Supporting the post - 2015 Development Agenda

World small Hydropower Development 2013

Water and Energy 2014

Managing water under uncertainty and Risk

Coordination of water actions at the country level

Euphrates in crisis channels of cooperation for a Threatened River





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Middle East Rainfall Intensity


ICE Cases: Litani River Dispute

Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

Innovations in Groundwater Governance in the Mena Region 2008

Nile River Dispute

Analyzing water poverty in Basins

Cauvery water Dispute

ICE Cases: Iran-Iraq War and Waterway Claims

Climate changes, water Security and possible Remedies for the Middle East

Climate change and international, National Environmental and Human Security

Global water partnership ,Strategy_2009-2013

on the Verge of a new water Scarcity

Reuse of wastewater in Mediterranean Region. Egyptian Experience

A Frame work for Action on water and Sanitation

Water desalination for agricultural applications

Climate change and Freshwater Resources

Environmental Flows and River Basin Management: Case studies Towards Exploring Best Practices. May 2010

Investment Evaluation of Rainwater Tanks

The role of decision Support system and models in integrated river basin management

The world around Us - Strategy 3013- 2017

Creating The Climate for Change

Africa environment outlook 3

Water Science Alliance - priority Research Fields

The Global water Crisis: Addressing an urgent Security issue

Water and Food Security Experiences in India and China

Transboundary water Management

Conflict Analysis, Management and Resolution

Policy making: Policy Cycle, Policy analysis

Stake holder participation in IWRM

Integrated decision - Making

Guidelines on spate irrigation

Managing change guidelines for forest managers

UN-Water Work Programme_2012-2013

Facing the Risks of Cooperation in international waters

A study in Community managed water Supply projects in 15 Countries

The right to water and water rights in a changing World

water Security and the Global water Agenda

Multiple uses of water Services in large irrigation Systems

The Global challenges in Energy and water

Integrated water resources management in the Caribbean:The challenges facing small island Developing States