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Coping with water Scarcity challenge of the 21 century

Hand book for integrated water Resources Management in Basins

Water for Food, water for life

World water Day 2007 - Coping with water Scarcity

Policy choices and challenges

Second Assessment of trans boundary's, Lakes and ground waters

Hydrological extremes in small basins

United Nations Environment programme for Organization profile

Conceited management of a trans bounder water basin

Guidance on water and adaptation to climate change

International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre - Igrac

Drought Early warning systems in the context of Drought preparedness and Mitigation

practices and experiences of water and wastewater technology

Water Resources Management in Zabadani Basin, Syria and Berrechid Basin, Morocco

The little Green Data Book 2010

Climate change Adaptation : The pivotal of water

Key messages for Policy makers

Organization for Economy Co - Operation and Development

Water Efficiency Handbook in the Arab world

Ground water quality monitoring in Spain

Monitoring Bathing waters - A practical Guide to the Design

The resilience of water Supply and sanitation in the Face of Climate change 2030

Water Recreation and Disease

The water quality challenge prevention, wise use and Abatement

on the water front

Water Resources Committee, Council of country of Maui 2008

The blue peace Rethinking middle East water

Financing for water and Sanitation

Shifting Course: Climate Adaptation for water Management Institutions

Responding to Global changes: Water in an Urbanizing world, August 2011

A Eureka initiave for Growth and innovation in water

Climate : Observation, Projections and Impacts

FAO Regional programme Framework for Disasters Risk Management 2010-2013

Climate- Smart : Agriculture, policies, pr and Financing for Food Security, Adaptation and mitigation, FAO 2010

Coping with a changing Climate: Considerations for adaptation and mitigation in Agriculture, FAO 2009

Climate change Adaptation Strategy and programme of Action for the Palestinian Authority

Water Companies and Trends in Europe 2012

Adaptation to a changing climate in the Arab countries

Setting The Global Standard

water Security and the Global water Agenda

water Challenge badge

Research and innovation in Support of the European Neighbourhood policy

Capacity Development for the Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture

Water: Catalyst for Cooperation

Water, Cultural Diversity, and Global Environmental Change

Managing water Across boundaries

International Cooperation for Sustainable land and water Management

Groundwater in international law

The water Footprint Assessment Manual

The State of the worlds Land and water Resources for Food and Agriculture

The State of Food insecurity in the World

The Global Conversation Begins

Water Challenge Badge

Irrigation in central Asia in Figures 2012

A Retrospect : Participatory Groundwater Management in Andhra Parades - India

Water Cooperation in Action: Approaches, Tools and processes

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills for integrated water Resources Management

International water Courses - River Basins including Law - Negotiation, Conflict, Resolution and Simulation Training Exercise

Flood Risk Management

A Gis - based Hydrologic model for flood prediction and watershed Management

Basin water Allocation Planning

River Basin Planning

International Glossary of Hydrology

Climate - Smart Agriculture 2013

Green growth and water allocation

Free Flow - Reaching Water Security Through Cooperation

Clearing the waters a focus on water quality solutions

Safer water, Better Health

Integrated Urban water Management Lessons and Recommendations from Regional Experiences in Latin America, Central Asia, and Africa

Evaluation of the Costs and Benefits of water and sanitation improvements at the Global Level

Groundwater for Emergency Situation

Groundwater in international Law Compilation of treaties and other Legal instruments

Managing the water Buffer for Development and climate change Adaptation

water: Catalyst for cooperation

Safe Use of wastewater in Agriculture

Drought monitor in with Hydrological modelling

Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development

Progress on sanitation and Drinking water 2013

The State of the Worlds land and water Resources for food and Agriculture

progress on Drinking water and Sanitation 2014

Tapping the markets opportunities for Domestic investments in water and Sanitation for the poor

Best practices for the Planning, Design and Wetland Education Centres

FAO statistical Yearbook 2014, Europe and Central Asia Food and Agriculture

Methods of Soil, plant and water Analysis:Amanaoul for the west Asia and North Africa region



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Water Front Magazine/ Full issues

Water Security

Public Awareness and Water Conservation

Institutional Capacity Development in transboundary Basins

Decade programme on Capacity Development

State of the Climate in 2012

The Bonn declaration on global water Security