Joint book for a number of researchers :


The Role of the Law and Treaties in Achieving Water Security


A new book has been released titled: (( The role of law and treaties in achieving water security ))

Under the auspices of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science, and the Arab Growth for Economic and Social Council, the Center for Research and Studies on Kuwait, and the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi, under the auspices of the University of Kuwait - Arab Regional Centre for Environmental Law took place between 5 06 / 07 / 2010 conference entitled.


The Role of law and treaties in the investigation of Arab water security and the participation of some 13 scholars from various Arab countries have made research in water law and national legislation and international scientific papers, summarized and discussed over three days in the presence of representatives of the sponsors of the Conference and a number of officials of relevant organizations.


The book consists of an introduction and three chapters are listed as follows:
The Introduction and speeches of the sponsors of the Conference:

- HE Prof. Dr. / Modi Al-Hmoud / Minister of Education and Higher Education.

- Prof. Dr. / Ali Fahmi / representative of the Secretariat of the GCC.

- Dr. / Adam Abdel Mawla / Resident Representative United Nations Development Programme.

- Prof. Dr. / Badria Abdulla Al Awadi / Director of the Arab Regional Centre for Environmental Law.

Chapter I: The Scientific Papers

- The scientific paper I: Dr. Mufti Ahmad / Sudan ((international treaties and national legislation governing the water resources in the Sudan)) p. 41- 73

- The scientific paper II: Dr. Amer Zemmali / Tunisia ((protection of water in dispute)) p. 77 - 89

- The scientific paper III: Dr. Fatima Mohamed Al Awadi / Kuwait ((the water situation in the State of Kuwait during the Iraqi occupation)) p. 93 - 115

- The scientific paper IV: Dr. Fahmi Ali / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ((protection of freshwater resources in the common policies of the GCC)) p. 137 - 156

- The scientific paper V: Dr. Mohamed Sameh AMR / Arab Republic of Egypt ((Egypt and the Nile Basin ... detailed study of the legal aspects)) p. 159 - 173

- The scientific paper VI: Dr. Mohammed Daoud / United Arab Emirates ((address water challenges in the Arab world)) p. 177 - 183
- The scientific paper VII: Dr. Subhi Al-Adli / (Syrian Arab Republic (Syria and water security at the national and international)) p. 193 - 222

- The scientific paper H: Dr. Mohammed Al-Bazzaz / Kingdom of Morocco ((legal regulation of water resources in Morocco and its role in achieving sustainable development)) p. 225 - 248

- The scientific paper IX: Dr. Badria Abdulla Al Awadi / Kuwait ((The role of bilateral agreements and international treaties in achieving water security)) p. 251- 293

- Scientific paper X: Dr. Tarek Majzoub / Lebanese Republic ((Lebanese water security in the balance of international treaties and domestic law)), p. 297 - 322

- The scientific paper XI: Dr. Mahmood Yousif / Kuwait ((entry in the ecological aspects of water legislation for Bmbbat rivers)) p. 325 - 339

- The scientific paper XII: Eng. Sahib Al-Rubeai / Kingdom of Sweden ((water institutions - Administration and legislation)) p. 343 389 and p. 466 474.

- The scientific paper XIII: Dr. Mohammed Fahad Al-Rashed / State of Kuwait ((role of scientific research in the development of water resources)) p. 393 - 403

Chapter II: Summary of discussion papers presented at the conference about five sessions, p. 407 - 467

Chapter III: Recommendations of the Conference, p. 479 - 482

Appendix: biographies of the heads of scientific sessions and Gentlemen, experts participating in the Conference, p. 485 - 498

Book Title: Register the role of law and treaties in achieving water security for the period between 05 07 / 06 / 2010.
Supervision and edited by: Dr. Badria Abdulla Al Awadi
Printing house, place and year of publication: Greenland, Kuwait 2010
Number of pages: 498 pages of very large size ( A4 ).