Guide to Water Researchers in the Middle East

( For Researchers & Postgraduate Students )


The aim of this study is to provide information and guidance for researchers and students in water studies in Arabic countries. It also aims to highlights the methodology of scientific research, research requirements, research planning and evaluation of research outputs by academic institutions. The study provides useful references and bibliography of works on water matters in the Middle East, which should help to save valuable time for postgraduate students writing their theses.


This study consists of the following four chapters:


Chapter 1: This chapter illustrates the researcherís tasks and the requirements for scientific research including methodology, objectives, proposals, and common errors in writing a research work.It also includes valuable references on research methodology. There is a section on terminology and concepts such as water, legal, environmental, agricultural, geographical, economical and political terms used in water research.


Chapter 2: This chapter contains a record of references on water studies in both Arabic and English languages including a bibliography of published studies on the basins of Tigris, Euphrates, Jordan and Nile, on environmental pollution and water purification, and on international law (agreements, differences and cooperation in Middle East).


Chapter 3: This chapter contains a record of references on Middle Eastern water including bibliography of water projects, water conflicts between Arabs and Israel and surface and underground waters in Arabic countries.


Chapter 4: This chapter contains bibliography of water studies carried out by Arabic organizations and the World Bank, a list of Internet sites of relevant UN organizations and Arabic institutions. It also highlights the research methodology of this study.


The book contains four appendices including one on mathematical equations used to evaluate water resources and another on measuring units used in agriculture and water studies.